Arriving in Poland

imageAfter a long journey in a pressurized tube over the Atlantic, and maybe an hour of sleep in the last two days, the feeling of being in Europe has finally set in. The flight through the countryside of Poland looks very familiar to what I’m used to in Wisconsin, but traveling on foot through the city of Kraków quickly got rid of that familiarity. The first thing that caught my eye was just how old and close together everything is. Absolutely no grass once you get into old town Kraków, just cobblestone surrounded by buildings. The people here are super friendly but the language barrier is real. No idea what the words mean at all. Definitely not like Spanish where you can figure some like words out. W’s are v’s, and words seem to have more consonants than vowels making it hard to remember, even something as easy as thank you, right after the tour guide told me how to say it. Another thing that struck me is how many people are walking around and sitting in the square at 2 on a Tuesday. Do they not work or have school? I’ve also seen more people on bikes in one night here than possibly my entire life, which might be because driving on these tiny streets looks like a nightmare. Aside from that though, my first time in Europe has been awesome and I look forward to learning more about this beautiful place.


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